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Reiki Attunement Experience Level 1

Reiki healing technique is  based on the principle you can channel energy into the body by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of your body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

About the session

The session is designed around 1-2-1 learning experience with ONE student and ONE master only.  Thus allowing for a deeper connection with the learning experience and allowing for Covid19-distancing.

The learning space is warm, cosy and a safe space to learn and practise Reiki. 

Reiki the "Universal Life Energy" is a spiritual practice that uses the natural energy to heal physical ailments as well as to resolve difficult situations in life. 

During this course you will be attuned by a Secheim Reiki Master and learn about:

Understand the journey of Reiki, from the beginning of the 20th century until the present day.

What Reiki is. 

Learn about vibrational/energy healing and why it matters. 

learn and complete a self healing treatment.

Throughout the session you will be given hint & tips about vibrational healing as a whole, making this a very personal shared experience between student and master. 

You will also be given a treatment of Reiki and sound healing so as to allow you to better understand and connect with vibrational healing. 

What is included: 

The pricing also includes training manual, a crystals which will be attuned with you and for you to keep,   the 21day post attunement meet up session and presented with your level 1 certificate recognised by the UK Reiki Federation. 

You will also receive a 21day Reiki Journal  designed by us and will be required to complete this before you can complete level 1. 

Yoga mat, blanket and cushions are provided. Access to gem fused water, herbal teas and biscuits will be available throughout the session.

 Only required to bring your own lunch. 

Level 1 £ 110

To book please e-mail us to arrange times and dates suitable for us both.

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