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This blog is the brainchild of boredom with a job I find unfulfilling, and some time off ill last year with weeks on the sofa to contemplate what alternative ways I could spend my time that would enable me to put my focus and energy into something I was passionate about....what am I passionate about? My children, my family, my ridiculously large collection of old books, history...and Glastonbury.

I want this blog to be an insightful look at the unique journey every crystal takes before it reaches you and the care and thought that embodies what primal stone is about. I want to somehow capture the “essence of Glastonbury” within the words of this blog and help anyone considering purchasing a crystal from Primal Stone understand that each one brings with it a story, and an energy that you yourself may benefit from in the future.

My latest visit to Glastonbury, incidentally my first time with the sole purpose of gathering crystals, brought with it some of the wonderfully

whacky people who you only meet in a place jam-packed with like minded souls. A Danish novelist visiting to “gain clarity” needed to help her finish her latest thriller, a mother-daughter duo returning to their UK homeland after a 20 year stint living in California, Angela the warm, welcoming hostess of The Dragonfly B+B under whose roof this eclectic mix of people chatted, over herbal tea and discussed the The Lady of The Lake. I set out on my first day of crystal hunting with a great sense of optimism and adventure

My first day of crystal hunting was extremely humbling and I felt slightly overwhelmed in making the original selection. These crystals felt very personal to me as they symbolise this new adventure I was about to begin, and I felt I needed to do something to honour this.

Taking them to the wells for the first time to be cleansed and charged was a humbling experience as I felt my own authenticity was being questioned by the Goddess. I felt on this first step of the journey I needed to show what it was I was trying to do. By showing my own vulnerability I felt I could give the crystals a better chance to draw energy from the sacred land.

With this in mind I started at the great Yew trees at the wells. This is place that holds many memories for me; happy memories of my wedding ceremony here, and sad ones mourning the loss of my son. The crystals were left under the Yew while I reflected on what I was doing - silently asking the goddess to hear me , asking her permission for what I was doing and for her approval in some ways to honour the sacred space I was trying to help others experience.

These moments are the reason for my blog. Whilst it’s difficult to articulate a “feeling” you get when in this place, it’s important to recognise that these quiet moments of reflection are perhaps the most important. When these moments are experienced in a place that is steeped in history, ( both cultural and personal) it is hard not to feel emotionally connected to the goddess and her land and the sense of acceptance that goes with that.

The next leg of the crystals’ journey that day was the healing pool. On this particular day it was full of women meditating barefoot and quietly reflecting. That is until a wave of families and children came along and filled the waters with laughter and adventure and fun and my crystals sat quietly in the waters allowing this energy to wash over it in abundance.

The final place was the well head where I was lucky enough to experience a completely different atmosphere to the previous playful one. There was a group of ladies who had brought their quartz crystal singing bowl and I had never experienced anything like it. It was equally exhilarating and uplifting and my senses were heightened both by my surroundings and the humbling, emotional moment I was lucky enough to share.

I managed to record a few moments of this (with permission) as I knew it would be something I wanted to share with other people. Hopefully there will be many more.

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