Dark Side of Crystals

Crystals are generally a byproduct of the large-scale strip mining industry. The same one that unearths diamonds, gold, coal, and copper. As in the incredibly pollutive industry that is responsible for deforestation, soil erosion, groundwater contamination, and air pollution. The same mining industry that is infamous for using child labour and maintaining inhumane, unethical working conditions.(Jordyn Cormier May 2018 Care2.com)

The above article is something I have been grappling with and I go to great lengths to ensure Primal Stone crystals are ethically sourced. Realistically this hasn’t always been possible in the past. So since the launch of Primal Stone I avoid certain suppliers when they cannot reasonably clarify where their crystals are from. To note, there is no legal regulation that requires them to do so . This is also one of the reasons I look for and sell specimen crystals as the great Hibiscus Moon guru explains in her blog about the same topic "specimen mining usually has little or no direct impact on our planet" than strip mining.

My current suppliers, who are just brilliant, and are based in Bristol and Wiltshire, do not deal with countries where it is illegal to export fossils and go to source so they know it’s ethically sourced and produced. I also source some of my crystals from British mines where possible.

Additionally, I am in talks with Deena from Star Child Creative ( instagram @starchildcreative ) who hand mines at low-impact crystal mines scattered throughout the US as pictured below.

These mines plant trees to offset equipment exhausts, fight water pollution with settlement ponds, prioritise use of solar energy, and restore the mined earth so it may again grow plant life rather than existing as a rocky scar in nature. It’s actually clean mining, and it is crystal exclusive.

Although the crystal industry is a long way from addressing the darker side of crystal mining, Primal Stone will commit and continue to seek out those suppliers and producers who are mindful of protecting the earth and human rights.

This is in no way to brow beat anyone who has crystals that are most likely from the darker side of the industry but that from now on let’s together push our suppliers for ethically sourced crystals as much as possible to protect Mother Earth the Goddess.

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