Under the Skin of a Crystal Wizard: blog about one of my amazing crystal suppliers

On my Primal Stone journey, I have come across many crystal wizards but my absolute favourite is David and the team headed by Simon who all work at Fossil and Gemstones in Bristol. I have literally traveled hundreds of miles over the past 4 months between the Wirral and Bristol, to then spend hours pestering them and selecting the crystals for Primal Stone. They have been so generous with their knowledge, expertise that I have learnt so much from them and realise just how valuable a good honest supplier can be when trying to source unique crystals.

In light of this, I thought it would be good to do a short Q&A with one of the team and get under the skin of these crystal wizards :) so here goes introducing David:


Name: David Hyde

Age: 29 nearly 30

Area you live: North Clifton, Bristol

What is the best thing about where you live? The Avon Gorge and the friends I have here.

How did you get into fossils and crystals? Can't remember anything specific, always liked them as a young boy, grew up to appreciate minerals and crystals more than fossils.

What did you study at university? Geology

Do you have crystals at home? If so do you use for healing or just for ascetic reasons ?

I do, they sit together on top of a chest of drawers. I like collecting aesthetic and classy pieces at reasonable prices.

What is your favourite specimen?

It changes once something better comes along, right now it's a Fluorite on Baryte from Berbes, Spain. The Fluorite cube is so clear you can see right through it into the Baryte. Did cost me £200 though. Most expensive I have by a distance.

Fluorite on Baryte from Spain: Picture sourced from Dakota Matrix Minerals

What is the rarest crystal you have even come across or would like to get your hands on?

I have a small bit of Euclase, it's a rare Berylium Silicate. Probably say that one. A crystal of size above 1-2cm costs a small fortune.

Eucalse: Picture sourced from Dakota Matrix Minerals

Do you think there is a trend this year from the International Gem show, Tucson, USA – I hear its pink opal would you agree? I run the business while my boss(Simon) is away in Tucson so I don't get to go or see what's hot out there any particular year. That said a lot of people are asking for pink opal and Sugilite is seemingly very popular right now.

Name one thing you love about the crystals industry. The top class (but wildly unaffordable) specimens.

And one thing you do not like so much about this industry. How expensive the really top grade stuff is and the unsubstantiated claims about certain minerals doing certain things.


I know you and Simon are conscientious about where you source your rocks from – but fake, baked and dyed crystals is a hot topic now in the crystal community. Would you like to see this industry become a more regulated industry? E.g. certification of source and authentication of quality , meaning not fake.

I think some regulation is required so people are not mis-sold things. Azeztulite for example really is just milky quartz so it should be cheap, not charged by the gram.

Azeztulite Picture soured from Picture sourced from Dakota Matrix Minerals

Where things have been dyed or heat treated then the vendors should say so. With a little experience you get to know these things anyway. An agate for example will never naturally be bright gaudy pink!

Thank you David much love Primal Stone

details: strictly trade only


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