Crystal First Aid Kit

Updated: Mar 1

I have been inspired by the crystal guru HB to create my own go to crystal first aid kit for small emergencies which can be treated at home.

So here is mine:

Bloodstone - go to for lots internal organs ( power houses ) Purifies detox the body helps fatigue. Eases bleeding.

Moss agate - moss agate is goods for infection as it purifies the immune system to fight infection.

Tourmaline -detoxing.

Aquamarine - cleanses and calms immune system so good for inflammation.

Malachite- any physical pain bones joints or inflammation of the joints.

lepidolite(lithium) -Headache and low mood.

Amethyst- helps to calm shock events Amethyst druse – Amethyst is nature’s tranquilliser, can use to brush gently and slowly (from head to toe) through aura to calm and soothe the person in the case of shock or anxiety producing situation, or have the person hold it or place it next to their body.(Hibiscusmoon's top tip here)

Any green crystal -promotes growth so all green crystals are good for cuts.

Amber - fever, heat up and place on the infected area.

Rose Quartz- Heart trauma - break up grieve, job, marriage - any emotion of the heart. Also good for period pain by addding to a bag of warm salt and lavender oil then placed on stomach.

Apache tear - grieve and lift sadness.

Aquamarine- sore throat.

Citrine and tigers eye - stomach issues.

Blue Celistate and black amethyst - migraine.

Aquamarine - Larimar Anger - use to cool anger and fever.

Blue cooling stone (e.g. blue lace agate) – for small burns and fevers, hold over the burn to help draw out the heat.

Calcite – (any colour) small pieces can be added to casts or bandages to amplify energy which can speed up healing for inflammation, bones, joints, and tissues (very useful for athletes).

Quartz- great amplifier to encourge healing in general.

Other items:

Rescue remedy

Lavender essential oil

Himalayan salts

Cotton bag

Calming herbal tea

Antibacterial honey lotion

Have a go at creating your own and share in the comments.

Disclaimer alert - the first aid kit is for small non emergencies. You should always consult a medical professional for all serious emergencies and injuries.

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