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Hi I am Beverley, the founder of Primal Stone. I am passionate about energy healing and crystals which are the tools mother earth has gifted us to allow us to elevate our consciousness. 


The foundations of Primal Stone are rooted in ethics, sustainability, inclusivity and diverse cultural energy practises. 


As a holistic practitioner how crystals are sourced matters, if our fellow human being have been forced to take out crystals in terrible circumstances the vibration of a crystal and energy exchange becomes tainted for me.  Therefore, my mission since the conception of Primal Stone is to provide people with high quality British crystals which are sourced ethically from small artisan miners here in the UK.


Researching the miners is a fundamental part of the process. Miners have to show they are protecting the mineral stock of the UK, have full permissions to extract from the landowners, only use abandoned mines or extract from top surface layer of the land and do not use explosives to extract our crystals.  Doing this ensures I can guarantee the delivery of ethical crystals, mine to pocket transparency and accountability which is a more sustainable way of sourcing crystals responsibly and also allows us to use these amazing crystal beings in our practises free of exploitation of both humans or the land.


Crystals are not the only part of Primal Stone. I have under gone much training in energy work and I am now a certified Crystal practitioner master level and a Reiki Master.  However that being said, the term Master is a paradoxical concept to me as it has connotations of being a “gatekeeper” of knowing which goes against my core value of maintaining a mindset of ongoing spiritual enquiry and in essence always becoming a master. 

With this in mind, my mission is to remove this idea of hierarchy/authority around the metaphysical world of crystals and Reiki. Instead, become a connector by supporting the aim of empowerment and autonomy in the sharing of knowledge to facilitate mutual spiritual growth.  I have therefore, developed courses that are rooted in that concept with topics ranging from what is energy work,  to crystal know how, the history of energy work to Reiki attunements. All of which are inclusive of anyones background or circumstances that allows people to fully feel into energy work and to be empowered to make their own choices about what energy work looks like to them. ​​​​

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Amazing first crystal healing session, felt really relaxed and was a great end to my week, I felt rejuvenated, ready and focused. Lovely welcoming set up and it's great how Bev explains everything and it's very calm and you can just switch off, also its great to know what to work on, Bev is so knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease and relaxed, thanks so much can't wait until my next session. Xx

Racheal Kearney @asiteforgreeneyes

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