Primal Stone was conceived whilst I was on a healing journey that has spanned 20 years which has drawn me to this moment, a life embodied with Goddess philosophy, vibrational and light healing.

The journey has not been a smooth one but one were I have laughed, cried, been lost and have faced my deepest fears. This journey is not complete, but without vibrational healing which raised my awareness of the self and being present, I would have missed the best parts of my story.  

I am passionate about energy healing and crystals, which are the natural tools Mother Goddess has gifted us to allow us to raise our vibration and to elevate our consciousness. As a result I ensure crystals are sourced from suppliers who are conscious about the quality of the product. The suppliers and I are committed to not buying dyed or baked crystals that damage the environment.  The suppliers, have sustainable direct relationships with miners and crystal cutters who get a fair income for their goods and who also have less of an impact on the environment. I also source crystals from the UK helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the crystal supply chain. Although, ethically sourced crystals is ambiguous, due to lack of global regulation,  the small steps we are taking now, will help carve the path to truly global ethical crystals industry becoming a reality.

A significant way Primal Stone is also helping to make changes at a higher level,  is not only through education,  but by supporting and being a member of the Jewelry Industry Summit who, as a not for profit, charitable organisation strive to bring the jewellery and gem industry together to encourage and facilitate meaningful, solution-driven activities that continue to advance sustainability and responsible sourcing. 

We are members of Anti-Slavery who work with local organisations to secure freedom of those affected by slavery and who press for effective implementation of laws against slavery. 

Our Packaging is supplied by the who are locally based and have now received a Plastic Free accreditation from Plastic Planet. 

If you would like to know more, check out my blog and subscribe for updates on my sustainable crystal journey.  

I am also passionate about education of not only sustainability but of self development,   crystals, vibrational healing and have undergone extensive training. I am a Hibiscusmoon certified crystal healer (CCH accreditation), a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Seichem attuned, Sound Practitioner and embody the Goddess philosophy all of which I apply in my practise.


Member of the Jewelry Industry Summit

A not for profit, charitable organisation who strive to bring the jewellery and gem industry together to encourage and facilitate meaningful, solution-driven activities that continue to advance sustainability and responsible sourcing. 



Amazing first crystal healing session, felt really relaxed and was a great end to my week, I felt rejuvenated, ready and focused. Lovely welcoming set up and it's great how Bev explains everything and it's very calm and you can just switch off, also its great to know what to work on, Bev is so knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease and relaxed, thanks so much can't wait until my next session. Xx

Racheal Kearney @asiteforgreeneyes



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