Chalice Well Goddess Water

Chalice Well Goddess Water


Bottled sacred waters from the Chalice Well and White Well in Glastonbury. 

The Chalice Well and now the White Well are among the best known and most loved holy wells in Britain. Many legends are attributed to its waters, which flow ceaselessly at a steady rate and temperature that never varies. The waters are acknowledged as the essence of life, the gift from Mother Earth Springs, wells and flowing water have long been associated with the Goddess as Water of Life. 

Kathy Jones the Authority on  the sacred wells in Glastonbury  describes the wells as:

"A woman’s pregnant womb is filled with water and water passages are considered to be the way into the underground Womb of the Goddess.Water is often a metaphor for love held too tightly in the hand – it flows away. Water, like love, is essential for fertility and creativity, without which the psychic world as well as the physical world becomes a desert."


Disclaimer: although the waters are edible when you visit  the wells, the Goddess Water has been bottled  for the sole purpose of crystal charging, createing gem essence and for ritual purposes only. 

you are buying a 100ml glass bottle filled  Chalice Well Water.   

  • Details

    100ml Glass Bottle of water from the Chalice Well. 


    This is not for consumption.




  • Postage

    £2.50 post and packaging 

    You will receive your water 7 working days after you have placed your order. 

    if you have any questions please  contact asap 

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