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08-06,  08-07 and 08-08

@7pm GMT 

Scottish pink Larimar
Elbolton Fluorite
Cornish Candle Quartz
Cornish Amethyst
Scopalite from Scotland
Irish Amethyst
Elbolton Fluorite
Devon iron-oxide quartz
Scottish Citrine ethically mined
candle quartz devon
Selenite from Somerset
Yellow Fluorite
Scottish Citrine natural ethically mined
British Fluorite ethically mined.
Irish Amethyst
Pink Quartz Cornwall
natural Cornish quartz
pink quartz Cornwall
selenite somerset
natural raw from Cornwall
British flourite
rare English quartz.
Scottish Smoky Quartz
British Rutile Quartz
British Quartz Cluster
Pink Scottish Larimar
Amethyst Geode
Scottish smoky Quartz
British Baryte
Quartz Geode
Scottish Vein Agate
Rare Scottish Crystal
Irish Quartz
English Yellow Fluorite
Scottish Amethyst
Scottish Chevron Amethyst
Amethyst Cluster
British Quartz
British Quartz
Quartz, Fluorite Gelane
Quartz Specurite Hemitie
Scottish Crystals
Scottish Crystals
Scottish Quartz
English Quartz
Scottish Quartz